This is a list of rules at the Mismagius Star Wikia. It shall ONLY be edited under discussion. Thank you.

  • I. User conduct
    • A. General
      • 1. Do not attack any users personally, mentally, or make threats. Any threats or attacks upon users will have consequences.
      • 2. Do not discriminate, harass, or unnecessarily swear at other users.
        • a.Swearing counts as f***, s***, d***, and other obvious rules.
        • You may ONLY swear if you aren't attacking, or bothering other users.
      • 3. Linking to pornography, sexual images, websites/videos/images that can cause an epilepsy seizure are not allowed, and will cause a 1 YEAR Ban.
    • B. Towards administrators
      • 2. All regular users must reply to an administrator within 3 days. Doing not so will result in consequences.
    • C. Accounts
      • 1. Accounts must have no graphic imagery within it.
      • 2. You may only have one account unless an adminstrator gives you the right to.
      • 3. You are not required to give away any personal information.
  • II. Procedures
    • A. Discussions
      • 1. Any user may start a discussion.
      • 2. They may be any topic
      • 3. Any discussion must be relatable to the wiki.
      • 4. Only the user that started the discussion or a administrator may open the voting stage.
        • a. If nor an admin nor the user that started the discussion opens the voting stage, that user will be given a warning and the voting will close.
        • b. The voting stage may be opened at any time.
    • B. Requests
      • 1. Requests for administrator
      • a. Just ask an ACTIVE admin.
      • d. If a user if blocked during the request, it will be closed as invalid.
      • e. The user in question requesting must have majority support from active administrators
      • 2. Requests for chat moderator
      • a. Any user may request for chat moderator.
      • d.  If a user is banned from chat and/or blocked it will be closed as invalid.

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